MiQare is an innovative pharmacy software company with an intent focus on increasing the safety and efficiency of healthcare providers as to improve the health outcome for patients. Aligned with this mission, MiQare has developed a digital prescription ordering system to efficiently streamline the recording and filling process of Rx orders.
MiQare DigiRx provides healthcare facilities with secure, reliable, and user-friendly hardware and software to record and fill prescriptions digitally.

Efficient Digital Prescriptions

As part of the DigiRx solution, MiQare provides smartpens and customizable paper pads to record prescriptions digitally in real-time. The transcription of Rx orders occurs instantly and requires no manual duplication. All prescriptions that are recorded with a smartpen and paper automatically appear in your MiQare DigiRx management dashboard and may also be viewed, edited, and processed using the MiQare mobile application.

Efficiently Manage Your Digital Prescriptions

With DigiRx, healthcare facilities can securely manage digital prescription from any web browser or with the MiQare mobile application. Rx orders recorded with the DigiRx smartpen and paper are organized neatly in the management dashboard, making them easily to search, filter, process, and fill. Furthermore, MiQare has implemented high-standard encryption to protect all health data.

DigiRx Benefits

  • Reduced time spent manually recording and processing prescriptions
  • Secure remote access to patient health records
  • User-friendly electronic medication management
  • Decreased margin for error
  • Increased time for providing quality patient care

MiQare DigiRx is now available to healthcare facilities and providers in Canada.


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